Saturday, April 12, 2008

The yahoos and snakehandlers strike back

Obama insults the Pennsylvania voters he needs!

Hmm ... this is the end of Obama as blank slate, it is. See here and here for more.

I do believe Mrs. Clinton has this primary in the bag. She did already, but this is more demonstration of how Obama is not really transcending anything. His politics is the usual white upper-middle class elitist liberalism. The fact that he's not "white" is beside the point.

Of course, maybe Obama has a point. I hunted a few times and certainly went fishing plenty of times, all as a kid. But now, as a grown-up, I have put away childish things and have my meat and fish grown for me, at the grocery store, like other civilized people.

(Hat tip to Instapundit.)

POSTSCRIPT: Someone's got Obama's number:
By cracky, it's like the man sees into my very soul!

Thirty years ago, I had a good job in the mill in Pittsburgh. I was bringing in a good income, going to jazz clubs, discussing Proust over white wine and brie, with my gay friends of all colors. I was all for free trade, so that we could sell the steel overseas, and I never bothered to go to church, let alone actually believe in God.

But then, the plant closed down, and I couldn't get another job. I went on unemployment, and found odd jobs here and there, but they barely paid the rent on the loft, and the payment on the Bimmer. I couldn't afford the wine and brie any more, and had to shift over to beer and brats.

Of course, as a result, I started hanging out with the wrong crowd - the beer drinkers.

And it wasn't just the beer. Some of them actually went out in the woods in the fall, and shot animals. And kilt 'em. With real guns!

I was shocked, of course ....

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