Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm not with Barack

OK, ANOTHER PRESCRIPT: The Onion says it all :)
Earlier this summer, I wrote something about being with Obama, but I was being partly facetious. As long as he doesn't act like a candidate, he's perceptive (especially observing the Baby Boomers) and worth listening to. As soon as he switches to candidate mode, he starts to flounder and seems like a man drowning in two feet of water. It's makes Hillary look all the more serious.

Not that Hillary isn't in growing trouble now. People are starting to get reminded what they didn't like about the Clintons the first time around. If the fog of Clinton-gaga-media could be lifted, people might even remember that Clinton was elected as a minority president both times and would not have won without Perot draining away votes from the Republicans. (The Republicans have learned that lesson and have made keeping populist voters a touchstone of their strategy.) Hillary the presidential candidate is operating in an environment far less forgiving than the 1990s.

Hillary remains the Democrats' only candidate who is both serious and viable. The party in general still has no serious ideas and remains disconnected from serious issues. Instead, we continue to get Bush Derangement Syndrome and bogus Congressional investigations, epitomized by dim-bulb weirdo Kucinich.

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