Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And an example ...

One example of thousands - and a frightening one - of clueless and braindead administrators in charge of American universities is the case of Walid Shoebat and the University of California at Irvine. This school is now the first ever to be investigated by the US Civil Rights Commission for anti-semitism. You can watch an interview with Shoebat at Pajamas Media.

This case is also an example of something else clueless and braindead: many of the major American Jewish organizations have been completely asleep about the real threats to Jews here and elsewhere in the post-Cold War era and instead are obsessed with the declining, fringe threats of distant other times and places.* Some, to their credit - like the American Jewish Committee - are now partly awake. But not one is fully awake. The leadership in some cases - and the followers as well - live in a bizarre time warp - a self-imposed politico-cultural ghetto, really.

If the issues of political legitimacy and political Islam can be successfully resolved in a more liberal and pluralistic direction - a prerequisite for democracy and not a result of it - then secondary issues - refugees, borders, Jerusalem, and so on - become solvable in principle. That's the optimistic way of looking at it. You know the pessimistic way already.
* I mean the once-real, although never major, threat of Nazi-like movements in the US. These are still a significant problem in Europe. I also mean the pseudo-threat of the Christian right.

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