Sunday, April 29, 2007

Climate science blogs for you

From time to time, this blog will post links to blogs and Web sites devoted to climate science, climate change, and refuting the "global warming" hysteria. Here are a few.

One of the most influential and important is the blog of Steve McIntyre, who was and remains a key figure in exposing the fraud (not too strong a word) of the "hockey stick" - a horribly botched piece of junk science purporting to show that the world's "average temperature" (whatever that means) was stable until 1980 or so, when it suddenly started to increase at an accelerating rate. There were many fatal problems with the "hockey stick" (see here for a brief discussion of one of those problems), and McIntyre did yeoman work in exposing them. Unfortunately, the "hockey stick" lives on, like the Undead: it continues to serve as the centerpiece for the deeply flawed IPCC reports; it is the main basis of Al Gore's pathetic Inconvenient Truth; and it is the sole basis of those absurd "news" stories bleating about how "200x was the warmest year on record" (you fill in for "x"), in spite of the obvious cooling trend of the last few years (at least in the northern hemisphere). Incredibly, these "news" stories are based on faulty extrapolations of the original, faulty "hockey stick" - not the actual recorded temperatures for year 200x.

Another important Web site worth your time is the Canadian Natural Resources Stewardship Project, with their chief scientific advisor, climatologist Timothy Ball. Along with Canadians Essex and McKitrick (applied mathematician and economist, respectively), whose book Taken by Storm remains a classic deconstruction and refutation of climate change hysteria, our neighbors north of the border - like McIntyre - seem to have a corner on the climate sanity market. Blame Canada, I guess.

But not if Kavanna can help it! We're 100% Made in the USA =) .... as is the wonderful weather site of Intellicast. Intellicast's Dr. Dewpoint (remember dewpoint and saturation vapor pressure?) has published a series of clear and pithy online articles concerning climate change.

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