Thursday, February 01, 2007

Debating the clash of civilizations

I've posted before on the "clash of civilizations" (Islam vs. everyone else) theme - why it's happening and that it's happening (in the face of denial and wishful thinking). Check out this video from a recent debate in London on just that theme. Two of the participants (Douglas Murray and Daniel Pipes) are brilliant, while the other two (Ken Livingstone and Salma Yaqoob) are revealing in a very different way. Livingstone in particular shows how far the European left has gone in its Islamist sympathies.

Strange, you say - isn't the left supposed to be "progressive" and all that? No - that's so 1930s. The left today is driven by little more than hate. The growing left-Islamist alliance screams this fact loudly and clearly to anyone ready to listen and draw the obvious conclusion.
An important related development is the self-abasement and self-abnegation of Jews on the left and the corrosive effect this has been having lately on mainstream American Jewish life. An important essay on this subject can be found here (PDF; requires registration), by Alvin Rosenfeld of the University of Indiana. For stating the obvious so simply, the article has provoked "controversy" - as reported by the Times - meaning, some people can't stand that much probing honesty. The Times article refers to leftists as "liberals" - another nice, evasive euphemism we're now so used to, we don't think about it. Leftists (motive: hate) become "progressives" (sounds: warm and fuzzy) become "liberals" (sounds: innocuous and mainstream). Such journalistic obfuscation is how leftists acquire the respectability and legitimacy they crave.

More to come on the blinders of mainstream Jewish institutions in a future posting. The phenomenon of Jewish self-hatred would take more than a posting - more like a book, or a whole library. It's already been written too, but the books are old and musty, and many are in German. It's a subject that needs a thorough reconsideration, translation, and updating. You could do worse than start with this article on George Soros, a delusional megalomaniac with his own billions, rather than some sheik's. Soros is on his way to becoming a 21st-century cross between Ross Perot and Henry Ford - except Soros is Jewish. His billions are now going towards buying out the Democratic party.
Apropos of Jimmy Carter, check out this close examination of his post-presidential career. It seems not so much "I'm-still-president" delusions as a mixture of narcissism, bitterness, and a distinct messianic-martyr complex. He's a "good" peacemaker beset by "evil" Jews - sound familiar? It's Mel Gibson again.

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