Friday, January 26, 2007

A question for Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter recently appeared to speak at Brandeis University, near Boston. Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School offerred to debate him, but Carter refused. Dershowitz spoke anyway, without Carter, and asked this question.

It's been clear for some time that Carter has degenerated into a delusional crank. If the answer to Dershowitz's question is yes, then Carter is also a dangerous delusional crank. He needs to be isolated from the American political mainstream; his supporters need to be ejected from American politics.

If the Democrats allow him to speak at their 2008 convention, they will have a very serious problem on their hands.
UPDATE: Cathy Young, of Reason magazine and the Boston Globe, has more details about the Carter appearance at Brandeis. Brandeis conceded to the delusional Carter complete control over the event, a very unusual concession in an academic forum. A Brandeis professor referred to the format as "like a Soviet press conference." And Carter's rhetoric, in response to the attacks on the book, has drifted further and further into classical anti-semitic canards.

As Young discusses towards the end of her posting, Carter has had an ongoing relationship with and accepted money from, not just any old Persian Gulf sheiks, but specifically people with a track record of radical Islamic connections and views. Even more disturbing is the lurid light it sheds on the ongoing buy-out of the significant figures in American political life by Saudis and other Gulf-niks with lots of petro-$$. Many of them sound like, not ambassadors from us to them, but ambassadors from them to us. You saw some of this uncovered after 9/11; Carter has accidentally lifted the veil again. At the risk of repeating it too often: the real corruption of the oil business is not the buying of the oil; it's how those oil dollars are recycled after they get into dubious hands.

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