Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry, patrician airhead

John Kerry, the Democrats' presidential candidate in 2004, is a complete retard who can't keep his mouth shut. He was the "accidental candidate" and a pretty pathetic one at that. Trouble is, he still thinks he's important.

What's remarkable is what the 2004 election says about Bush, being able to beat such a weak opponent only 51-49. Zogby wrote a year ago about a post-election poll he had taken: In our new poll, every president since Carter defeats Bush. But Kerry still loses to Bush by one point. What am I missing here? Kerry happened to be liberal enough, but he wasn't Howard Dean, proven poison and doped up on his own arrogance.

Some Minnesota guardsmen in Iraq had this amusing response to Kerry.

P.S. No blogging recently as Binah has been very busy with personal life. Hope to return to active blogging soon. There's always more to say!

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