Sunday, May 18, 2008

The wages of enviro-politico-media hysteria

Shocking, no? But it's true, at least truer than all that "eat locally, fart globally" crap. The ethanol craze did this. Because it uses food and not by-product or waste, it raised food prices, markedly. Here, it was enough for us to notice. There - in poor countries, where the margin of life is much thinner - they did more than notice. They're going hungry, occasionally rioting, and even dying. Mark Steyn explains.

Important media outlets have made their point about the ethanol idiocy recently. But did they make the point that it was the eco-fanatics ... the media ... and their enslaved politicians who pushed these policies on us, say, five or 10 years ago? All to deal with the fake crisis of "global warming"?

This sort of thing illustrates perfectly the stupidity inherent in the conventional news media: in the end, even when they're wrong, they're always right, but the government is always wrong, and everything can be made well if they can pressure the government into some stupid policy or other ... until the next fake crisis, which will be "solved" by manufacturing a real one ....

POSTSCRIPT: I'm so mad about this, I might need one of these.

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