Wednesday, March 14, 2007

She is weird

People - even conservatives - have started to comment on how strange Ann Coulter is.

Peggy Noonan discusses the decline of niceness in the Wall Street Journal. Half of it is the juvenile behavior of Coulter and other "conservatives." But the other half is the crude attempt to stifle speech and discussion through censorship (political correctness). As Noonan says, neither approach is nice. But read the whole thing.

And Camille Paglia brilliantly sketches out the gender weirdness of Ann in Salon: maybe Coulter is just putting on a show - but maybe she's also become her mask. BTW, is there anything Hurricane Camille doesn't do brilliantly?

Paglia points out something about Coulter that really applies to conservatives across the board in the last fifteen years:
... Coulter seems to be regressing rather than growing intellectually and sharpening her analytic skills. She evidently leaves no room in her life for study and reflection. I take books seriously ... and thus hold against Coulter the part she has played in the debasement of that medium. Her books may rake in millions but won't last because they are shoddily constructed. Coulter should be using her syndicated column for her topical opinions but her books for more considered contributions. Godless, for example, which intriguingly postulates the quasi-religiosity of contemporary liberalism, should have stimulated wide discussion but was so thrown together and full of holes that it was easy to dismiss and went unread outside her core audience.
That's why you won't find too much "news" here on Kavanna. A lot of conservative organizations and publications have been backing away from Coulter for some time now. But they're so deep into the Washington-media echo chamber that they (mostly) don't sense how far they've drifted from what they once were. And those "books" - they are constructed, rather than written.

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