Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weird science redux

Binah is a fancy-pants scientist with a PhD from a major university. That' s why I leave all the true science blogging to him. Maybe one day he'll be a talking head on Nova. That frees me up to comment on pseudo-science. Maybe one day I'll be a talking head on the E! Channel.

In his "Weird Science" blog post below, Binah dashes my hope for true tele-transportation of matter. Admittedly, I had a sneaking suspicion since the age of eight that Kirk, Spock and Bones were not really being disassembled and reassembled while tripping the beam fantastic. Now, Binah's post has made me think more deeply on the topic, raising the horrific realization that the Enterprise crew's persons and souls were actually irreversibly decomposed into subatomic dust upon their maiden beaming. As a result, the protagonists we enjoyed watching over all those episodes were merely clones of the originals!

Don't beam me up, Scotty! I'll take the shuttle.



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