Saturday, March 22, 2008

A shaggy Ark story? Plus: some Mamet

Tudor Parfitt, professor at University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies, might have discovered, not the Ark (aron ha-qodesh), but a copy built about 700-800 years ago by a south-central African people called the Lemba, who claim to be one of the Ten Lost Tribes. I know, I know: they're everywhere: the Pashtuns, the North American Indians, etc. But follow Parfitt's story and see for yourself.

His two-hour program aired on the History Channel on March 2 and will re-air later this month. The Lemba do share a genetic marker distinctive to the Israelite priestly clan, the kohanim, descendants of Aaron, Moses' older bro.

And here's a political thought or two from playwright David Mamet at - oy! - the Village Voice. It's stirred up eye-rubbing across the blogosphere and conventional media. Thus Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal provides commentary upon Mamet - yea, verily.

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